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The bottom line. It's a phrase used to describe net profit. In the case of home sales, boosting that net starts with aggressive & tailored marketing plans. Examples would be 'pre-marketing' and 'target marketing'.

However, a sale is not all about money. It's about people. Each having needs and/or wants. In a transaction more than a dozen different individuals will be requiring consideration within very specific time frames.

So, does successfully juggling all of this change the underlying theme? NOPE. Our clients still expect to see more net profit. To that end my 3+ decades of marketing and negotiation experience pays dividends; upping your bottom line.

Doug Sanderson

Gain more insight on pre-sale and aggressive marketing concepts. Learn how to maximize your bottom-line profits before you list. Contact Doug and get on the inside track today.

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A real estate transaction can be a fickle thing. So many variables are at play. So many ways money can slip through a sellers fingers. How can even the most accomplished agent control this environment?

Proactivity. Anticipating the most probable, and sometimes atypical, unsettling events. Set aside luck, only then can a listing agency aggressively manage a situation with profitable outcome. The art of anticipation and calculated reaction can easily justify monetary gains in the 1000's of dollars.

When your money is on the line, it literally pays to have a logistics expert on your side. Though managing the complexities of real estate transactions can be challenging the reward is always upping a clients bottom line.

Peggy Marcantoni

As our logistics expert, let Peggy explain what you should know that most sellers never will. Learn how not to leave your money on the table at closing time. Speak with her today.