Choose Your Closing Date

A Great Way to Save Money

A Targeted Date Sale

There are many reasons a seller may choose to close escrow on a specific date. For instance:

1) To avoid the cost and hassle of interim housing while transitioning to a new home.

2) Schedules have been set for moving services.

3) To avoid leaving a home vacant and vulnerable after relocation.

In these instances and others the value of closing on a certain date could amount to $1000's in savings, help to minimize liabilities and lower overall stress levels during the transaction.

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A Typical Sale

In a typical sale the exact closing date will have little relevance. The primary objectives normally are to sell for the most money and do it in a timely manner. Marketing and subsequent negotiation will be geared toward that end. Depending on the outcome, housing and associated arrangements may have to be made hurriedly. The risk of complication and added expense becomes very real.

For the lucky this scenario will not be realized but for many it has been their reality. Not because there has been no alternative, because they were never informed there was one.


Why Don't Other Agents/Brokers Advertise This Service?

Simply put: Success in this endeavor can be a difficult task. In order to achieve target date closing a range of different and uncommon strategies need to be employed. Tactics that are more specific and designed to control contractual time frame elements; procedures that can anticipate and overcome a variety of upsetting transactional glitches. In short, what's needed are a fine-tuned game plan, directional negotiation and a stellar logistics expert.

For most agents this is an undertaking they would rather avoid (if familiar with it at all). That's understandable. Fundamentally it takes a lot of experience and the right bag of tricks. It can be problematic without the right skill sets. Thus the typical sale approach remains the popular favorite.

For us and our clients, if this style of sale is warranted, it's a great opportunity. It allows our sellers more time to prepare, helps control their liabilities and quite possibly helps us add to their net sale profit.

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