Selling for the Highest Net profit

Smart Marketing - Smart Negotiation

      Five (5) Steps to Higher Profits

The majority of home sellers say getting the highest price possible is their number 1 goal. Perhaps the goal of getting the highest profit from the sale would be a better one. This is our strategy and there can be a big difference in the bottom-line. To attain a predictable result we advocate utilizing a five-fold combination of actions.

1) Marketing to and properly communicating        with the right clientele (buyer pool)

2) Pricing specifically to obtain multiple offers

3) Thorough screening of buyer qualifications        to include ability to purchase above market      value

4) Positioning to obtain highest possible offer

5) Negotiating to secure a ratified highest net        profit contract

One (1) Step To Getting Yours

 We'd love to walk you through it.

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*All data contained within page was taken from Fresno Association of Realtors Data Archives beginning January 1, 2016 and ending November 1, 2016. All information is deemed but not guaranteed to be accurate.