Comprehensive Pre-Sale Home Evaluation

A Big Step Toward a Great Sale


   Selling Without It Can Cost you Plenty

A comprehensive evaluation is a very important step in the process of selling a home. Done correctly it's a multi-purpose tool used in preparation for pre-sale & period marketing, active public showings and can hugely benefit accuracy in valuation. Consisting of much more than a standard walk-through viewing and discussion, a proper evaluation can lead to a shorter listing period, less chance of escrow disruption and increasing the bottom-line net sale proceeds.

For best result the professional conducting such an evaluation needs to be educated in several disciplines. At a minimum, proficiency in staging and/or presentation, trending buyer' expectation, remodel/repair cost analysis and Broker Price Opinion valuation are a must. Though far less common, the value of utilizing this type of evaluation rather than the typical walk-through question/suggestion approach often can be measured by the 1000's of dollars in added revenue.

In our humble opinion, this procedure is well worth the investment at any reasonable charge. Sadly you won't get the opportunity from most real estate professionals; perhaps because of the skill levels necessary, perhaps because of the added expense, perhaps...?

We find this to unacceptable. In fact, we so strongly believe it is an integral part of netting our clients the most profit we not only offer it, we make absolutely sure they take advantage of it by providing the service free-at no charge-without obligation.

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