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Take Your Choice, We'll Pay For Either

Protection Before - The Pest Inspection

Knowing of potential problems before they disrupt a sale process can have great value. In this regard common due diligence inspections can be preemptive measures saving both time and money. All too often the expense of a Pest Report is deferred to the buyer. The initial savings of this action may sound like a smart idea. However, as is frequently the case, unforeseen findings and damages are discovered during the inspection. If the inspection/report has been paid for by the buyer the process will take place during the escrow period rather than prior to listing. In turn this means any avoidable and related post negotiation may fall in favor of the buyer with the threat they may rightfully walk away from the sale due to previously undisclosed structural defects.


Protection Afterward - The Home Warranty

While it's true a home warranty can be useful and cost effective during an ownership period it may be an even more powerful ally after the transfer of ownership. It is not unusual for a physical utility problem to crop up within a year after sale; an unknown or currently non-existent problem not identified or foreseen by any inspection. In this case litigation may be an option open to the new owner. A home warranty has many times been the saving grace and the difference between involving the previous owner or not in remedy of costly repairs.

For this reason and as a negotiable tool we strongly advocate making sure a minimum one year warranty be in place at time of sale. Though it will not cover all potential breakdown or defect repairs and will not eliminate all related liabilities it goes a long way toward limiting such liability and subsequent costs.

I'd like to take advantage of your offer.

* This free offer applies to either a Pest Inspection or a Home Warranty but not both unless otherwise negotiated and in writing. Either offer is redeemable at close of escrow, if a change of ownership takes place, the sale price is at or reasonably close to fair market value and while the associated listing is with our brokerage.