Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Canned sales presentations and optimistic promises can be entertaining. But don't be fooled,  without a guarantee you could be setting yourself up for a costly failure.

   - An Extremely Important Fact -

Your listing agreement is a legally binding contract. The contract is between you and your agent's Broker. Not you and the agent. If at any time during the listing period your agent doesn't live up to promises made or your expectations, without a written guarantee, you cannot simply walk away in search of a more responsible agent. You are still legally obligated by the listing contract and its terms.

        Leveling the Playing Field

Protect yourself. You should never give up control of your own listing. So many times we've heard the stories… Home sellers learning the hard way that the listing appointment rhetoric ended up to be hype and smoke.

For your piece of mind and to safeguard your interests we offer our exclusive 100% satisfaction 'Performance Guarantee'. Though this is by no means standard practice in real estate we feel your listing agent/broker should be held completely and directly accountable to you.

Performance Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the service provided by our team... You have the right to cancel your listing at any time, unconditionally, with only 7 days notice.

How This Benefits You

You do not have to worry about getting into a long-term commitment with an agent that doesn't market your home as vigorously as portrayed. You do not have to be bound by contract for extended periods without the communication expected during a transaction of this magnitude. You do not have to pay for any costly 'cancellation fees' if we do not live up to our promises. We make the listing of your home with us Totally Risk Free.

Our Responsibility To You

We are 100% committed to providing you the highest level of service in the real estate industry. Our success depends upon this commitment to serve you and our growth as a company hinges on you, the most important element in this relationship.

All We Ask

If the property has been shown to anyone during the listing period we as the listing broker have the right to be fully informed and negotiate any resulting offer. If you wish to cancel for reasons beyond our control there will be a $650.00 cancellation fee.
New Performance Guarantee

That's a refreshingly original idea!  I've never heard of anyone in real estate willing to put their money where their mouth is with a written guarantee of performance to my satisfaction.