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Seller Specific Marketing

      Attracting Most Likely Buyers

Your home is unique. In so many ways it's different than others. Location, upgrades, updates, added features and condition are just a few ways there can be distinction. Buyers will understandably search for homes that fit their specific needs and wants. We advocate speaking directly to those individuals whose needs and wants match the home you are offering.

This style of marketing is another unique tool we use to help secure the best possible buyer. Whereas some marketing techniques splatter your message far & wide seller specific targets particular buyers only. These are the buyers deemed to be most likely of all to purchase your home.

The beauty of this method is that it allows the selling message to speak directly to 'the most likely buyer', on their level. Communication can then be comfortable and well received. The message need not be generic or watered down in attempt to appeal to the masses. As a bonus there can be greater opportunity for the buyer to develop emotional attachment to your home sight-unseen.

     Who Is My Most Likely Buyer?

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