Where the Local MLS Fails, Statewide Dominates

The Power of 125,000 Statewide Agents

Thirty (30) Times More Agent Contact

A considerable percentage of Valley home sales are attributed to out of town buyers. Many of whom are transplants from elsewhere in our state. They often come from larger metro areas to our South and West. Places where property values are notoriously higher than ours. Comparatively our property values appear to very inexpensive.

We find many of these buyers bring with them the ability and willingness to offer cash or a high down payment. Many are capable and sometimes willing to purchase above market value.

Conventional marketing for local listings depends on these buyers finding the property while surfing the web; Zillow.com, Realtor.com… That's ABSURD!

If getting top dollar for your home is a priority doesn't it make sense to contact the agents of these buyers directly? We think so and it's proven to pay great dividends to our clients. Why do so few listing agents employ this strategy? We have no idea (other than cost). What we do know is going the extra mile when listing a client's home helps us increase that clients all important bottom-line net profit.

               I Don't Want to Exclude                               Out-of-Town Buyers

      Don't sacrifice any of my potential profits.               Show me how I can be included in both                 local and statewide marketing campaigns.