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The Importance of Social Media

Online Marketing - Social Media

The vast percentage of real estate marketing is done online whether localized, by syndication or social media.  Buyers by the millions scour various sources looking for information and the perfect home. 80% of all home buyers are searching online and almost 100% of the agents use paid portals as their go-to for real estate information.

As social media becomes more a primary source of information it's more important than ever this platform be an integral part of any marketing campaign. Although many Realtors stay connected with social media… Only 9% use it to market their listings. That's CRAZY!!!

Did you know one of the weakest necessary skills Realtors have is Online Marketing? It's one of the most powerful sales tools and yet one of the most misunderstood/misused. The 9% statistic exemplifies this claim. Normally the extent to which most agents use this medium is a somewhat generic MLS description and its' accompanying pictures (as seen on and like sites).

You deserve far better treatment; and your listing… far more attention to marketing results. Successful social media marketing is not an easy task. It demands experience, time and money spent. But that's no excuse for skimping or deletion of this platform from a marketing plan. It's exactly why we choose to go the extra mile and hire professionals to do it right and help assure your highest net profit in the shortest period of time.


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         Social Media - Mastered

We don't pretend to know all about what's currently trending. We're not experts on what keywords will likely get the most attention tomorrow. It certainly isn't within our expertise   to determine how to use algorithms effectively.


We are smart enough to hire people that do!
Your listing: Professionally marketed with the knowledge and expertise necessary to get superior results.